Rabbi Yehoshua Levin, CM


Mohel for Children and Adults

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Rabbi Levin, CM

Looking for a kosher Mohel? One with sincerity and skill?   

Rabbi Yehoshua Levin, CM has been trained and certified through the Israeli Rabbinate to perform kosher ritual circumcision, also known as bris milah or brit milah, for both babies and adults. He underwent rigorous training and excelled in delivering safe circumcisions.     

Those who have worked with Rabbi Levin are highly grateful and value his warmth and care. He makes sure the infant's and adult's needs are fully met and continues the relationship with the family well past the ritual circumcision. His care and skill are unparalleled.

He received semicha, rabbinical ordination, through Central Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, New York. He also has a Bachelor's degree from Temple University in Natural Sciences.